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Do you have foreclosure debt on your credit report that’s holding you back? We can help by applying fast and efficient debt repair solutions.

Foreclosure Debt Repair Services

Having a foreclosure on your credit report can lower your credit score by as much as 160 points. If you feel you are not responsible for the foreclosure, we will dispute these charges with the credit bureaus for you.

Foreclosure debt repair is necessary when the debt doesn’t belong on your credit report. Foreclosures can be removed from your credit report when it is more than seven years old; when the lender you borrowed from is no longer in business; when you qualified for voluntary dismissal; or when there is no record showing you signed a mortgage. Consider getting professional help from Bar Financials debt repair specialists. We will run your credit reports, find errors, and file documentation and disputes on your behalf. By law, the credit bureaus must investigate the dispute within 30 days and have 5 days to notify you of the results after their investigation.

By asking for our help, you have a better chance at having a foreclosure removed from your credit file. We are extremely familiar with the three credit bureaus and are constantly communicating with them to help repair our clients’ credit. We work foreclosure debt repair strategies daily and know which documents credit agencies require along with how to handle disputes. We know what questions to ask and where to look for the evidence needed to win a credit report dispute.

Great credit allows endless possibilities 

 Foreclosures can stay on your credit report for more than 7 years along with making a horrible impact on your credit score, lowering it as much as 160 points. It is still possible to buy a house with a foreclosure in your credit history – but it won’t be easy or cheap. More likely, folks have to wait at least a couple of years before they’re approved for a mortgage loan again.

Choosing the foreclosure debt repair services offered at Bar Financials is the right decision and a great step in the right direction. We can help you save precious time and money because we have years of experience dealing with foreclosures and debt repair. Since we use proven debt repair strategies, we have a better chance of getting it removed from your credit report. Call Bar Financials at 888-820-9198; we can get started today.

Our Foreclosure Debt Repair Services

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  • Online Client Portal Access
  • Unlimited Bureau Disputes
  • Unlimited Creditor Disputes
  • Unlimited Collection Disputes
  • Unlimited Inquiry Removal
  • Unlimited Rapid Rescoring
  • Good Credit Assistance

Get Started Package


Our signature monthly program is designed for clients with more than ten erroneous items on their credit report. We do all of the disputing for you, helping update all negative items on your credit report. 

Pay Per Inquiry Dispute


Are Credit Inquiries keeping your score low? Our debt consultants will dispute your credit inquiries quickly so you can get fast results. You pay per inquiry we dispute on your behalf.

Pay Per Deletion


For a faster process, our Pay Per Deletion Program includes our Debt Repair Specialists disputing the negatives on your credit report all at once. You only pay when a negative item is removed from your report.

Existing Client Web Portal

Access your account, view your account progress, submit documentation, or make changes to your account information with our Account Portal.

Our Reviews

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“I just wanted to take a second to thank Bar Financials for all the hard work, which I never would have been able to complete on my own. My credit is clean and my horizons broadened.”

Kentrale Bridgers


“I only wish I found Bar Financials sooner. My credit score is rising and it doesn’t look like it is stopping. THANK YOU!”

Blair Sandlain


“Thank you for the professional service you provided. I couldn’t be happier with the results and my new credit score – it has opened so many doors for me financially.”

Tyshima Collins

North Carolina