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Do you have credit card debt on your credit report that’s holding you back? We can help by applying fast and efficient debt repair solutions.

Credit Card Debt Repair Services

Many people either don’t have time to dispute discrepancies or don’t have the skills needed to repair their credit report themselves.

Bar Financials has debt consultants who specialize in disputing charges and credit report errors with all three of the credit bureaus.

Credit reports by law are supposed to provide evidence of charges and are supposed to be 100% fair and accurate. Bar Financials credit professionals communicate with creditors regularly and dispute inaccuracies daily. Some of our clients have debts that show on one credit report but not on either of the other two. Inaccuracies are not supposed to happen – considering there is the Fair Credit Billing Act that monitors and regulates creditors and the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act that monitors and regulates collection agencies.

Errors happen in credit reporting all the time. The act of identity theft also happens daily. These are routine situations for the debt consultants at Bar Financial. We will run all three of your credit reports to find errors then we will notify you of which documents we will need from you to dispute your case. We acquire the required documentation from you and other entities. In the case of identity theft, we write disputes because there is no proof the purchase was made by you. Then we file the documentation and continually communicate with creditors to resolve the errors.

Having good credit opens your world to opportunities

Our years of experience in dealing with credit card debt repair has made us very knowledgeable. We know all the right questions to ask when we find discrepancies in a credit report. We know that collections companies will buy old debts just to collect money. When they do this, it causes clients to experience the same debt but posted by multiple creditors on any or all of their credit reports. If you think this isn’t fair, you’re right. Creditors that do this violate the whole “fairness” of credit reporting – you shouldn’t be hammered for the same debt in multiple places. Bar Financials will fight for fairness and accuracy in your credit file and help relieve your credit card debt.

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Our Credit Card Debt Repair Services

Raising the Bar

All-In Package


  • Online Client Portal Access
  • Unlimited Bureau Disputes
  • Unlimited Creditor Disputes
  • Unlimited Collection Disputes
  • Unlimited Inquiry Removal
  • Unlimited Rapid Rescoring
  • Good Credit Assistance

Get Started Package


Our signature monthly program is designed for clients with more than ten erroneous items on their credit report. We do all of the disputing for you, helping update all negative items on your credit report. 

Pay Per Inquiry Dispute


Are Credit Inquiries keeping your score low? Our debt consultants will dispute your credit inquiries quickly so you can get fast results. You pay per inquiry we dispute on your behalf.

Pay Per Deletion


For a faster process, our Pay Per Deletion Program includes our Debt Repair Specialists disputing the negatives on your credit report all at once. You only pay when a negative item is removed from your report.

Existing Client Web Portal

Access your account, view your account progress, submit documentation, or make changes to your account information with our Account Portal.

Our Reviews

“I just wanted to take a second to thank Bar Financials for all the hard work, which I never would have been able to complete on my own. My credit is clean and my horizons broadened.”

Kentrale Bridgers


“I only wish I found Bar Financials sooner. My credit score is rising and it doesn’t look like it is stopping. THANK YOU!”

Blair Sandlain


“Thank you for the professional service you provided. I couldn’t be happier with the results and my new credit score – it has opened so many doors for me financially.”

Tyshima Collins

North Carolina